Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Top 3 Healthy Habits That Are Keeping You Fat - And What To Do Instead - Number 2

    3 healthy habits you need to ditch (in 1990) - because they're keeping you fat.

In this series of 3 posts – I’m revealing the top 3 healthy habits that are keeping you fat! Yep. You read that right. These are healthy habits that are just simply screwing you in terms of weight loss. 

    In the first post – I busted open habit number 3 - why counting calories instead of quality and eating less and exercising more is actually making it impossible to lose weight (read here)!

This swap for #2 will get you losing weight in a delicious way.

In this post – I’ll be revealing number 2, and the simple swaps that you can make to reverse the trend and lose weight effortlessly and deliciously. I'll also tell you how to kick that “I feel like something else” after dinner feeling.

So here it is, number 2: Cutting out fat.

Cutting out fat is one of the biggest mistakes I see women make. This myth got it so wrong that cutting out the fat not only destroys your metabolism and cellular function, but is absolutely dangerous to your heart health.

You need fat. Period.

Fat is essential for shiny hair and young skin, helps form the cell walls of every cell in your body (generally a good indication that we need it), and is used in hormone production and vitamin absorption.

     Cutting the fat out of your diet is like taking an essential ingredient out of your recipe for bread. If you leave out the yeast, the bread is a cracker. Fat is an essential ingredient to your body. Without it, you're as dry and boring as a saltine - just a little chubbier.
      Cutting out fat just made us fatter.

     The food industry started taking the fat out of food in the 1960s when the national obesity rate was skyrocketing and the government needed a solution to change policy to combat the growing size of the country.

Since then, obesity rates have continued to rise, along with heart disease, diabetes and other inflammatory health conditions. One of the reasons for this is that when you take the fat out of food, you take out the flavor. Sugar was then added in its place so your food doesn’t taste like cardboard. Sugar, we’ll talk about in another video, but let’s just say aside from its many, many detrimental health effects, will also prevent you from losing weight.

Putting fat back in makes us thinner, more satisfied and happier.

Fat keeps you satiated way longer than carbohydrate-rich foods (anything made from a flour and whole grains) because it's more slowly digested in the gut, and it doesn't cause the massive spike in insulin, a hormone that is used to control your blood sugar levels, that you see with sugar and carbohydrate consumption. 

     If insulin levels are chronically elevated, your body tissues may become resistant to it, which is an early step towards diabetes and weight gain.  In addition, when there are regular spikes and drops in insulin – your body views it as a sign of stress and releases cortisol, a hormone that packs on weight in the middle and messes up your sleep cycle. Weight loss is possible only when this metabolic derangement is corrected, meaning re-sensitizing your tissues to insulin through physical exercise and increased fats (usually, this also leads to naturally less carbohydrates in the diet).  

Here's how to add it back in the easy and delicious way:

3 steps to making up with fat in your diet and breaking up with the fat on your body – for good – and in a seriously delicious way!

1) Here are my simple swaps (listed below) to switch out the fats that pack on weight for healthy, metabolism and brain boosting fats.

2) Add a healthy fat to every meal to slow down the spikes insulin and regulate blood sugar levels so your body knows that it’s OK to release weight – especially around the middle.

3) Keep healthy fats as a regular part of  your snacks to help you feel more satisfied when you eat and ward off the “I just want something else…” after meal feeling.

     Video three will make you hotter, richer and give you hours of your day back.

In video three I’ll be revealing the number 1 healthy habit that is sabotaging your weight loss. I’ll also share my number 1 way to reverse the trend, saving you hours in the process and supercharging your weight loss and strength results – and save you money in the process!

     Simple fat swaps:

Cooking Fats:

Best Oils for high heat cooking: Swap out your olive oil and margerine for:

-       Coconut Oil
-       Walnut Oil
-       Sesame Oil
-       Butter (grass fed, organic)

Oils for dressing and sauces: Swap out your bottled dressings for:

-       Olive oil
-       Flax/borage oil

Oils to Avoid: These oils are high in Omega 6 fatty acids and generally lead to inflammation.

-       Vegetable Oils / Canola Oil
-       Safflower Oil
-       Palm Oils
-       Corn Oil

Avoid at all cost: These oils destroy your metabolic function and pack on the pounds
Any Hydrogenated Oils

-       Hydrogenated oils

*Note - sometimes you have to look at the ingredients to determine if there are hydroenated oils in food. Anywhere you see Trans fats or hydrogenated _____ oil, avoid!


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