Friday, January 30, 2015

Three Reasons to Throw Your Rule Book Out the Window and Do Whatever the Hell You Want

Last weekend Sibe, a few friends, and I went to a music festival. With every intention of enjoying a relaxed day and getting home in time to get 7 hours of sleep, we headed to Pittsburgh’s Strip District around 3 in the afternoon. I definitely didn’t plan on arriving home twelve hours later, full of too many beers, a meal that would make Paula Deen cringe--and completely happy.

Usually when I go out, I keep drinking to a minimum and eat as healthily as I can. While I rarely wake up hungover, sometimes a different funky after-feeling hovers the next day: my Inner Badass scolding me, “You’re too good. You’re missing out.”

So this past weekend I let my Inner Badass lead. For one night, I decided to forget about being good, moderation, and acting like my ideal health coach role model. Not only did it feel great, it totally re-energized the way I’ve been thinking about my life and my business.

Here are 3 reasons to throw out the rule book and do whatever the hell you want.

1.          It’s fun. Down and dirty, no guilt, fun.

“You’re no fun anymore,” my Inner Badass says. When did fun become such a guilty pleasure anyway? I used to love to go out all night dancing, talking to friends and meeting new people.

“What do you do for fun?” has become the most challenging question I ask my clients. Most don’t know because we don’t do enough of it. Why is fun something that has to wait until all of our chores are done?

Nowadays-late nights are a rarity. Luckily, I’m married to a Dutch man with a zest for life and a love for the club where his friend deejays, and last weekend, there was no way I was getting home at midnight. Result: we drank and danced all night like we did when we first met. It was totally magical and awesome to be transported back in time to those first awesome moments in our relationship. Let’s make having fun a priority.

 2. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

While I love living and eating in a healthy balanced way, I sometimes lose my balance by being too strict. I’m not saying that you have to drink all day and smash an entire pizza at 3 a.m. (although, ahem, I’m not not saying that). 

The further we shift from an all or nothing mentality, the less activity and food outside of our routine will derail us. Health is about more than eating exactly the right foods in exactly the right amounts and doing the perfect workout routines. It’s about living in a way that supports your body, so you can enjoy what really makes you feel alive. Sometimes that’s kale and sometimes it’s pizza and it’s important to know the difference.

3. When you let go of your rules, you step outside of your comfort zone. When you step outside your comfort zone, you grow.

Although I woke up with three pounds of pizza in my stomach, my Inner Badass was glowing. It felt great to break my own rules, and it made me realize how much I believe in listening to my inner voice and living as authentically as possible. As my Inner Badass would put it, “What do you want, not what should you want?” When I embraced that attitude last weekend, Sibe and I bumped into tons of our friends. It was no coincidence. We were living in our authenticity at that moment, so we attracted the people we love to join us.

The following days, I looked at the places in my life that could use more guidance from my inner rule-breaking rebel. A few areas, including my business, stood out. Keep your eyes open for some awesome changes coming up in the next few months that reflect a little more edge, rule breaking and fun. Shit just got real. 

What restrictions and rules to you impose on yourself? How might that be holding you back in areas that may seem unrelated? To reframe - if you're holding tightly onto a belief that you need to work 60 hours per week, but your inner badass doesn't want to, how does that affect other areas in your life?  In other words, what does your Inner Badass have to teach you?

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