Monday, November 3, 2014

Stop Being a Bitch and Chase Your Wild Rabbit

I'd like to share a powerful realization that I had recently with you.  

I was wrapping up a long day of working on Sweat and Butter feeling totally depleted. There was a lot of self talk going on. A lot. I was packing up my laptop telling myself that it was a wasted day. That I didn't get enough done. I was angry with myself for not making more connections, not being efficient enough. I started to question whether or not I was actually smart enough, hard working enough or had it in me to work for myself. I chalked it up to spending too much time behind my computer and decided to shut down and go to a yoga class.  

Half way through the class, the instructor shared the following Zen proverb. I wanted to cry. Literally, I was choking back tears in my downward facing dog. It hit me:  

I was doing the same thing to my business that I used to do to my body. I was being a total bitch.

Let me share the proverb with you.  

"Before Enlightenment:  chop wood, carry water;  
After Enlightenment:  chop wood, carry water.
Break life down into the simplicity of the present moment.  We do not live in the present moment. We carry our past forward with us, we yearn for something in the future and all the time we miss what is in front of us at all times.  Life is beautiful right in front of us at every moment.  When we maintain a mindful presence with our simple tasks we begin to view them as a valuable contribution to ourselves as well as those around.  Focusing on this moment right now removes the mind from drifting to wants, needs, desires...all driven by the mind in search of attachment.  With attachment comes suffering.  When we allow ourselves to appreciate our accomplishments we feel good about ourselves and more at peace.  
You are living enlightenment right now, but you need to open up to it.  Enlightenment does not change you, it only expands your awareness to understand the truth of reality.  You remain very much the same. The only difference is that peace is the vibration you give out to the world." 

Way back before my health coaching days, I would criticize myself all day 'err day about how fat I was, how much I sucked at sticking to diets, for being too lazy to work out. I was never fit enough or thin enough. I woke up thinking about all the foods I wasn't going to eat that day, and went to bed lamenting over all of those foods that I ended up eating anyway. Once I healed my relationship with food, I began to nurture and support my body and heart. Over a few years, I cultivated a more loving and supportive relationship and my journey, and body shifted. I maintain a healthy lifestyle because I am loving and forgiving of the days where I'm too tired to exercise, and too lazy to cook. I don't shame myself for failure every time, and therefore, am encouraged to keep moving.  

What I didn't realize until that moment in my yoga class was that I had substituted my business for my body. I often forget to break down my life into the simplicity of the moment, the joy of the daily tasks I need to do in order to build a business that I am passionate about and love. I get caught up in the immediate outcome of the marketing task I am doing instead of being present and embracing what an honor it is to work with clients and help them build their lives and bodies in a nurturing and supportive way. Instead I found myself obsessing over where I wasn't. Like in the proverb, I was yearning for something in the future, missing the gift that was in front of me.  

It was such a powerful moment, to realize that while I healed my relationship so much with my body, I had inserted that unhealthy self-talk somewhere else. The joy is in the journey and we can only appreciate that when we're not always focused on the outcome. Tweet it! As in building Sweat and Butter, the joy of creating a body and life you love is not for the weight you will lose, but for the energy and health you build in the process. The weight will come off no matter what, and my business will continue to grow when nurtured with love and encouragement.  

I want to leave you with this short video. Your wild rabbit is your pursuit, whatever it may be. As you get closer, the wild rabbit speeds up and shifts direction. Like your goals, whether weight or something else, as you get closer, your needs shift. As you get stronger, you push your goal further back so that you can prove to yourself that you can reach higher.  

I say this with the most sincerity: I hope you never catch your wild rabbit.  

I challenge you, and myself to remember that the fun is in the pursuit. Enjoy the simplicity of the present moment and that while we are ever shifting and changing, ultimately, as the proverb states, the goal is to remain the same and in doing so, live in the vibration of your peace.

Share with me, what's your wild rabbit?

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